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The Wave

Mannheim, Germany


The Wave is an interactive installation, a modular energy-generator and art piece designed to complete the net-zero vision of the 2023 German Federal Horticulture Show (BUGA23). The Wave aims to allow visitors and residents to explore the fair, the park and the city of Mannheim from another perspective. Installed on top of the historical U-Hall building, the installation will create a new accessible level for users to walk over a double-layered energy generating mesh. A dynamic art installation of minimum environmental impact, in which energy generation is the protagonist.

The system uses luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) and is capable of absorbing up to 50% of direct light emissions and albedo (reflected light), producing electricity even in low-light conditions, since it does not require direct exposure to sun-light. With LSCs, high energy particles are absorbed by the luminescent structure of the material, and then re-emitted as visible light of a certain wavelength. The Wave is capable of generating up to 3.040mWh per year, and each module of 900m2 of LSC mesh is capable of producing 190mWh per year. The current layout allows a minimum of 6 modules and a maximum of 16 modules installed on top of the U-Hall building depending on the desired experience and energy generating goals. - For the minimum intervention of 6 modules, footprint area is reduced to 5.400m2 - with estimated annual production of 1.140mWh per year.

Color-stimulated photosynthetic induction:

The LSCs system also works as a light filter, that allows only a small parcel of the visible light spectrum to pass through, this can be used in many ways to stimulate photosynthesis by the use of specific wavelengths since different plants react differently to extended exposure to certain hues, which can enhance the color, the fruiting, and the aroma of the plants (violet, per example - 380nm to 430nm) and increase flavor and total amount of antioxidants in the plant stems and even help plants to reach its maturation flowering stage (red - 625-740nm).


Shortlisted design - LAGI 2022: Mannheim Land Art Generator

Exhibited at the Beautiful Forms of Energy BUGA 23 Exhibition

Area: 5.400 m²
Status: Idea

Location: Mannheim, Germany

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Regiane Fernandes
Client: Bundesgartenschau 2023 Mannheim

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