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Urban Oasis

Sao Paulo, Brazil


A post-covid approach for a new cultural hub in São Paulo, Brazil. To be build in a former metropolitan logistics plot, the concept aims to safely bring back residents to cultural venues after long lasting lockdowns while restoring the balance of nature by revitalyzing the area of the recently created Candido Portinari Park. In order to minimise its impact, the project foresees the use of ecological building methods and locally sourced materials.

Also, regarding its biologically safety status, several bio-safe materials and systems will be applied to allow users to freely and safelly occupy its indoor and outdoor spaces.

The whole complex is designed with systems that save energy while mantaining indoor temperature during brazilian summer and allowing constant air flow year-round. Humidity sensors in strategic areas of the rooftop provides data to an eco-tech system that senses increase in wind speed and rain in advance and triggers the pivoting double layered-glass windows to be turned into a 10-15 degree angle, sufficient to mantain constant indoor air-flow while avoiding rain drops from getting into the exhibition and activity areas. In addition to that, there is also a water draining system placed between the raised floor and the windows, to assure no water droplets will ever reach the visitors.

3d-printed workshop pavilions will host most of the indoor activiítities. By reusing old building materials such as recycled concrete, the organic design allows indoor activity areas to change and evolve along time, providing flexibility of use and a negative carbon-footprint.


1st Prize - Michel Gelrubin Architecture Prize 2021

Area: 15.000m²
Status: Undergoing

Location: Vila Leopoldina, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Team: Andre Zanolla, Regiane Fernandes, Roberto Zanolla

Client: Undisclosed

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