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Winnipeg, Canada


What is warmer than a sunset hut?

No better shelter on a windy winter day than a warm hut facing a beautiful sunset. We propose to eternalize this moment in the shape of a temporary installation, not only to shelter visitors from the cold winds, but also to provide a place in which they can watch the Canadian sun setting, every day until it warms once again.

By designing a simple and smooth structure we allow a merge between the sun shape and the frozen hills; when seen from the back, visitors will see a structure covered in snow, almost blending with the landscape, but from the other side... they will experience a heartwarming experience, a colorful face to reflect the sun rays and invite visitors to approach.

This installation is meant not only to shelter physically  but also visually warm the site. Its internal yellow coating with glass bead reflective aggregates will assure reflections of colors and surrounding illumination. It will create an ever changing tonality and visual experience to the passersby, specially during dusk and dawn times, when the sun will be directly reflected by the inner colored coating.


First Prize -  Warming Huts Competition: Arts + Architecture on Ice

Area: 45 m²
Status: Completed / Built

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva, Sputnik Architects (consultant)
Client: Forks North Portage Corporation


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