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Overlap of Sensations

Toronto, Canada


The installation is meant to respond to the idea of refuge by providing a shelter for our minds and souls. The overlapping colored transparencies are meant to, not only contrast with the white winter that surrounds it, but also to provoke and play with the senses.

With the gesture of wrapping the existing structure in colorful translucent membranes we provide users with a new environment designed to attract and instigate visitors to move around and through it. This simple yet impactful installation will be made out of metallic L-profile angle bars and colored sheets of PVC put together by daily-use cable ties. By using this fast and buget friendly system we achieve desired resistance and visual effect.

A design that directly responds to the recent introspection period the world has been going through, while providing a playful and joyful experience envisioned to make the users feel alive, to reactivate the senses, for long left hibernating during the recent quarantines and lockdowns.

Area: 5m²
Status: Idea

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Team: Andre Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva

Client: RAW Design, Ferris + Associates and Curio

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