OSI - Immediate Health Bus

Sao Paulo, Brazil


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O-SI™ Health is an award winning healthcare platform. Designed and built in 2020 to combat the sanitary crisis in Brazil, the O-SI units are focused in delivering bio-safe, flexible and technological healthcare solutions to companies and governments in Brazil.

The project foresees the re-use of up to 4.800 urban vehicles decommissioned from Sao Paulo’s bus fleet, and the adaptation of its internal spaces for primary clinical use based on the use of cutting edge technologies and current concepts of healthcare with mobility, sustainable reuse and universal accessibility. Thus, O-SI™ Health is designed to be a mobile clinic, capable of moving to where people in need of medical support are, with its internal space prepared to carry out diagnosis, testing and vaccination.

Interested? Check out more at www.o-si.com.


Finalist - A'Design Awards, War on Virus

Honourable Mention - IAB 58th Annual Prize, Transformation Architecture

1st Prize - CCAL Aluminium Prize, Built Architecture

Area: 32 m²
Status: Built / Completed

Location: Poa, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Antonio Roberto Zanolla, Sun Rei Lin
ECOX Unidades Móveis (Structural / MEP engineering)
O-SI Health


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