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MAR - Marginal Modular Park

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Urban monoliths... what are they, and how to occupy them. The city of São Paulo is constantly a victim of pharaonic infrastructure projects, which have eliminated the pedestrian and human scale. Our goal is to occupy and gradually re-populate these areas.

1. Occupy
Identify underused areas of the city and propose active interventions of smaller scales in order to occupy the space. In this first experimentation, we focused on occupiyng the margins of the Pinheiros river, currently underutilized and with no function besides high-speed transportation infrastructure.

2. Connect 
In order to bring people closer to the new site, connections are a must. In this case we designed a elevated walkway to connect both the existing city and its new leisure zone, not by confronting the high-speed avenues, but by transpassing them from the top.

3. Qualify
After connecting the structure to the city, is now time to populate it! Areas for small shops and gathering zones will allow people to freely use and enjoy this former underused area of São Paulo, with new and unique viewports to the city, the river and its new elevated park.

By combining daily use materials, largely available in the city, we were able to design a modular structure that adapts and fits to underused spaces. Our first intervention was placed in a forgotten plot between the train tracks and the monorail line; combining a metallic structure and a CLT system in order to provide lightness to the installation, to softly intervene in the area affected by this urban monolith, and generate new viewports towards the city, the river and its new elevated park, previously unknown.


Area: 2.500m²
Status: Idea

Location: Brooklin Novo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Team: Andre Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva
Client: Undisclosed


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