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Oasis of memory

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


A lightweight metal walkway runs through the grounds, touching the ground only where the structure is needed, allowing visitors to explore the memorial without it restricting the space of the existing vegetation; low stone walls create privacy filters that control the views along the entire route, also serving as supports for orchids and bromeliads, and becoming symbolic beacons in reference to the times when inside and outside were sometimes confused. A clean, quick and delicate project is proposed, one that does not degrade nature, but on the contrary, enriches and enhances it.

The central lake, symbol of the chosen area, has its perimeter adjusted and gains prominence, the fountain is subverted and disappears under the water level, an element of memory and respect is constituted from this inversion. The center of the lake also becomes its end. The oculus becomes a central element of the memorial, representing absence through this new circular immersion, an inverted center.


Honorable Mention - Concurso Memorial Covid-19 Fiocruz – Ciência e Saúde

Area: 2.300 m²
Status: Idea

Location: Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Antonio Roberto Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva, Ricardo Hiroyuki Makino

Client: Fiotec + Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

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