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Brazilian Pavilion Expo2025

Osaka, Japan


Brazil: Migrations that empower people and enrich the world - 人々に力を与え、世界を豊かにする移民

With the advancement of technologies, the world has seen an unprecedented movement of people, goods and ideas across political borders. Brazil represents the forefront of this reality, the complex interpolation of these paths that empower our culture and the world around us. It is a multicultural nation, a mix of cultures and both foreign and indigenous influences that empowered its social fabric and connected the country to the world through long-lasting human bonds.

Visitors will embark on an experience narrated through the lens of migration, a journey of national and global empowerment expressed in movements of people and goods, highlighting the transformative power of immigration and multiculturalism. Today, more than ever, the accounts of individuals who dare to leave home in search of change and opportunities, to become active participants in constructing a multiethnic society, could help humanity to envision a prosperous future.

Upon entering, visitors will cross a wide strip of Terra Roxa (Red Soil 赤土). This is an empowering journey of immigrants translated into an experience, with their steps marking the paths taken. The exhibition route celebrates the history of plurality by installing the expographic modules in Brazil before re-using in Osaka, bringing with it Brazilian voices and marks that allow the visualization of culture through its artifacts. Inspired by the story of Japanese immigrants in Brazil reminiscing their native land through ipê trees that resemble sakura, the key pavilion material is ipê-wood to not only represent the ties between the two countries but also the experiences of migrants worldwide.

We wish to create a future that is cosmopolitan, to build a world that is inclusive and democratic, where our differences become a basis for resilience and innovation rather than a cause for misunderstanding. We want to live in a future that respects and embraces the unique journey of every individual and leaves no one behind. The Brazilian pavilion aims to bring these values to Japan and to the world, by inviting visitors to learn from the stories of migration how they can be active agents of positive changes - empowering humankind and empowering the world.


Area: 2.927 m²
Status: Idea

Location: Osaka, Japan

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Antonio Roberto Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva,
Gianluca Zimbardi
(GMZN), Luciana Mastrolia, Matteo Zerbi, Matthieu Narducci (GMZN), Pasquale Milieri

Local Design Translator: Ayaka Suzuki, Daichi Sato, Shogo Onodera (OSO Research)
Curatorship: Erze Dinarama, Koji Sasaki (Keio University)

Engineering: EP&S - Engineering Project & Service
Climatization and Sustainability: Luis Almeida (consultant), Carlos da Silva (consultant)

Client: Apex Brasil

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