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Broomstick Pavilion

Harringay Warehouse District, London


This project is all about engaging the local community whilst providing a new sense of collective ownership by direct participation.

In order to be built, this pavilion will require the engagement of district residents; the goal is to have up to 90% of all materials to be provided by the Harringay Warehouse District community with zero-cost. Therefore a simple and daily-use item was chosen to be the core-element of this design, broomsticks.

The repurpose of these forgotten and usually disposed materials will not only be environmentally and budget friendly but also visually appealing due to its clear rhythm and geometry.

The design consists in a very simple idea: How to engage people through design and repurpose simple daily life objects?

Every year millions of boomsticks are produced, sold, used and discarded. In order to reduce cost of production and re-imagine daily life objects applied in a completely different way, this pavilion will serve as a local example of sustainability and be a new and unique community hub for the district by reimagining the use of old brooms!

We aim to encourage the district habitants to donate up to 90% of the materials needed to fully assemble the pavilion; in order to do that it is needed that only 1 in every 10 citizens of Harringay Warehouse District donate a single spare broom. Yearly, illegal deforestation represents up to 30% of the world forests devastation; so this initiative also represents a small step into a much bigger scenario, and by showcasing new uses of already industrialized and sold materials we can instigate new approaches to have a smaller carbon footprint and consequently a bigger effect in the environmental preservation.


In order to do this, donated broomsticks will be collected, sorted and organized according a common modular dimension. These wooden (mostly), plastic and even metallic sticks (and tubes) will represent 90% of the full structure and will be vertically hang in pairs, creating two ellipsoidal colonnades, external and internal.

The organization of these two colonnades will determine the internal spaces; which will be two: a long spiral corridor (aprx. 100sm) and a covered elliptical area (aprx. 34sm) located in the center of the pavilion. This covered zone will be the pavilion’s main venue, capable of hosting small gatherings, presentations and cultural/recreational activities.

In addition to that, the hanging system will also allow lighting to be incorporated, either internally to the u-beam with a long LED stripe, or as an artistic Neon (or LED) installation following the broomsticks vertical pattern. These light installations can also be easily connected to sound and/or motion sensors so they react according to the visitors flow and/or other external impulses, making it a even more immersive and responsive pavilion.


Area: 50m²
Status: Idea

Harringay Warehouse District, London, UK

Team: Andre Zanolla, Antonio Roberto Zanolla
Client: Factory of Wonder CIC


© 2023 by Democratic Architects

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