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Boomerang Tower

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Our Boomerang Tower. 7-story building to be fully built in CLT (cross-laminated timber). The tower twists 2% every floor to assure unique views to all apartments.

Maximum use of views and investigation of a new constructive element. To this end, a mixed structural system was chosen, which combines a reinforced concrete base with the technology of the beams and columns system in PSL (Parallel Strand Lumber) and slabs in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), allowing upper floors to have a total weight approximately 40 times lower (compared to conventional 2.500kg/m3 concrete buildings), resulting in a substantial savings in the foundations phase, allowing larger gaps with lower structural heights and a thinner structure when compared to conventional constructional methods, as well as faster assembly. As far as shape is concerned, it is arranged like a hand fan, overlapping layer by layer its pavements with twists varying from 2% to 4% per floor so as to better take advantage of the views resulting from the rugged relief of the region.


Area: 7.450 m²
Status: Idea

Location: Pedreira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Team: Andre Zanolla, Francisco Spadoni (consultant)

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