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Blur Image

Jerusalem, West Bank


The blur image is an experimental facade proposal that responds to the common saying “seen with my own eyes” by filtering the light and creating a parallel representation of reality to its visitors. It will present a unique perspective to this year’s theme, “lies and falsehoods”, by providing an installation that is able to manipulate the visitors perception of existing monuments through a long 9m linear alveolar polycarbonate skin placed directly in front of the historical building’s main facade.

The intervention will play tricks on our eyes, by blurring and bending perspectives of the centerpiece attraction and also challenging the visitors to walk around it in order to discover the true Hansen House from new angles. 

In order to make it more efficient to install and dismount, the proposed intervention will be divided in three parts, the central one and two adjacent parts on the sides. Its base structure will be based on a thin [and budget-friendly] metallic scaffolding system [rented during the event] in which alveolar polycarbonate panels will be directly fixed with weather-proof zip-ties. It will be installed within a 3 meter offset from the existing building facade, in order to have the focus point distorted when seen from the main entrance, and creating a lightweight layer between the site entrance and the historical building. 

During the day, visitors entering the south gates will see the intervention filtering and blurring the main views of the house, and during the night, will perceive it as a lantern, reflecting all the activities held inside the Hansen House.

Designed to encourage participation, this project aims to engage visitors and make them actively participate in the process of uncovering the Hansen House’s history and significance, and by blurring its image, the art piece will create a sense of intrigue and encourage deeper exploration of the historical building, with its rich history, serves as the backdrop for this innovative fusion of architecture and art.

The “blur image” promises to leave a lasting impression on all who visit, providing a memorable experience that blends art and architecture seamlessly.


Shortlisted design - JDW23: Jerusalem Design Week Open Call

Area: 60 m²
Status: Idea

Location: Jerusalem, West Bank

Design Team: Andre Zanolla, Bianca de Lira Silva, Karina Promny
Client: JDW - Jerusalem Design Week


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